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Our photo-luminous aggregate features the highest GLOW intensity and longest afterglow scientifically possible. With as little as 10 minutes of light exposure (natural or artificial) you receive 10+ hours of Glow-in-the-Dark lighting. Our self-emitting light technology transforms your interior and exterior projects into unique, safety-conscious, alternative light sources which actually decrease the use of ambient electrical lighting by 80%. Furthermore this aggregate has a lifespan of 20+ years when installed in a cementitious or resin
epoxy matrix.
Provide a safer and more sustainable environment by installing any of these Glow-in-the-Dark products in both new and existing construction!! 
GLOW STONES have been formulated for all cement/concrete surface applications. They can be:
  • Hand-broadcasted/seeded onto setting concrete or epoxy surfaces similar to seeding color flakes and recycled glass
  • Seeded on a concrete form with spray adhesive (stone or sand)
  • Mixed directly into stuccos and overlay mixes
  • Ground and polished to any level of finish from to exterior pathway 100 grit to mirror 3000 grit
  • Exposed in concrete surface with a surface retardant
  • Stamped into concrete
  • Sealed as you would usually seal your cement/concrete projects (water or solvent-based)
Approximate coverage rate per pound 3/4" Stone = 10 sf /lb.*
                                                              1/2" Stone = 16 sf /lb.*
                                                              1/4" Stone = 28 sf /lb.*
                                                              1/8" Pellet Stone = 42 sf /lb.*
                                                             *These rates of coverage avg, 1 particle per 3 "
 GLOW SAND is specifically meant for use in concrete and epoxy surface sealers. It can be:
  •  Mixed into GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement) face/mist coats
  •  Applied onto concrete sealer or setting concrete using large salt shaker or powdered sugar dispensers
  •  Hand broadcasted/seeded onto epoxy flooring similar to seeding color flakes
  •  Trowelled into wet concrete and exposed with a polisher
  •  Mixed directly into stuccos and topcoat mixes
  •  Ground and polished to any level of finish from exterior pathway 100 grit to mirror 3000 grit
  •  Sealed as you would usually seal your cement/concrete​ projects (water or solvent-based)

 GLOW CRETE is the most powerful glow-in-the-dark thin-set overlayment in the world:  a patented, high-performance resurfacing system designed to provide the longest & brightest glow scientifically possible.
  •  Can be applied by numerous methods, including trowel, squeegee, broom or spray
  •  Will bond to virtually any clean surface
  •  Completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  •  Resistant to water, fire, climate, mold, mildew, and salt
  • No surface priming or sealing required
  • Versatile and easy to apply 25lb kit will yield 94 sf @​ 1/8" 

Glow-in-the-dark aggregate

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