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3'x5' natural gas custom-made fire pit with turquoise fire glass

3' Stacked Stone

3' Stacked Stone

Our newest GFRC fire pit w/ Smokeless Zentro insert and grill. Other accessories are available.

6" Rock-Face

4' Ashlar Travertine

4' Ashlar Travertine

4'x4' New England Dry Stack Fire Pit custom stained to match your project

3' Ledger Stone

51" outside diameter Brussells Dimensional block w/steel liner & grate

5' Stacked Stone

22”x 46” custom-made rectangular fire pit to

match patio w/ stainless steel burner and fire glass

4' Ledger Stone w/ a wind gaurd

(color subject to change)


Custom made fire pits! Choose your style, size & color!!
All fire pits are made with a high strength concrete mix and reinforced with rebar.  Wood burning fire pits are lined with fire brick, while gas lit fire pits come with a stainless steel fire ring, shut off valves and colored fire glass of choice.  Other options include log starters, wind sheilds, covers etc.....

Our newest GFRC fire pits incorporate Breeo Inserts. Over the last decade or two, gas logs and fire glass have gained in popularity due to their convenience. However for the wood burning enthusiast,  Breeo’s patent pending  Zentro inserts allows you to enjoy an old-fashioned wood burning fire while virtually eliminating  smoke.
Smoke Less fire pits work through a double-wall, secondary combust ion design. In layman’s terms, this means that when the fire is burning, the walls heat up and the hot air rises through the gap between the two walls. The air exits the wall cavity through the line of holes around the rim. This pressurized, heated oxygen mixes with the smoke and causes it to reburn. This is secondary combustion. Of course, it is still an open fire pit so some smoke will escape.
Benefits:   If the wind is blowing, no one is moving their chair to get out of the way.
                   If you have friends over, no one goes home smelling like smoke.
                   You don’t need to shower after a campfire to get the smoke smell out of your hair